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Wide selection of metal wire items for fashion accessories such as bags and shoes. Specialist in:

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  • 5,62 € In Stock
    We show you the D-ring model 3143 made of iron. A resistant and very versatile ring, ideal for all kinds of leather goods or footwear.It is a D-shaped ring stamped from a rod and whose ends are joined without welding.The minimum order for this product is 100 units, the available sizes range from 8mm as an internal measure and 1.5mm of wire thickness to...
  • 2,84 € In Stock
    With the round ring model 3138 we present a quality product. Made of iron with a die-cut that leaves visible the point of union of the two ends of the thread used.Our usual finishes are available, old silver, gold, old gold, nickel, matt nickel, black nickel, gold or old gold.It is a simple product and that is why it can be used in countless leather goods...
  • 7,54 € In Stock
    If you are looking for a quality product for your footwear or leather goods, we have the oval ring model 3136 available for you. It is a ring made of iron, with a visible union of the ends of the thread used in the die. Finished in nickel, matt nickel, black nickel, gold, old gold and old silver.You can order the product with the minimum package of 100...
  • 13,15 € In Stock
    Within the rings and square rings, we have this model 3137 square ring made of iron. With high quality finishes that you can choose from among the ones we have available: gold, old gold, nickel, black nickel, matt nickel or old silver.It is sold in packages of 100 units as a minimum order, but from 5 packages they will get volume discounts.We have it...
  • 30,81 € In Stock
    The model 3140 buckle is made up of two parts. The main rectangle with rounded edges and the flattened and sliding central part. It has a striking design since its central part is mobile, so it adapts perfectly to any product.Both parts are made of iron, with six final finishes available: Nickel, Matt Nickel, Black Nickel, Gold, Old Gold and Old Silver....
  • 16,07 € In Stock
    Iron Kermes Buckle Packages of 100 units.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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