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The metal snaps they are an important element for the proper function of a handbag and other fashion accessories. It facilitates the opening and closing of the bag as well as adding an exclusive decorative value to the rest of the elements.

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  • The metal magnet brooches They are important elements both for their function to facilitate the opening and closing of bags, jackets, purses ...

    Fashion Metal ACC magnet clasps are used in many products as a closure system, achieving greater security of the items. Magnet, plastic or badge brooches are available in different sizes, colors and finishes.

  • The metal snaps They are important elements both for their function to facilitate the opening and closing of the bag.

    What is a snap?

    Also called snap closure, it consists of a pair of discs, made of metal or plastic, which are generally used instead of buttons in clothing, accessories and accessories.

  • The metal bicorp brooches They are an important element both for their function and to facilitate the opening and closing of any fashion accessory.

    The tupi brooch is a metal clasp made up of two pieces. One of them hooks onto the other.

  • The metal tourniquet snaps They are a very important element to facilitate the opening and closing of a fashion accessory, bag, purse, backpack ...

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Showing 1 - 20 of 33 items

We have different types of clasps according to function, design and shape:

  • Magnet clasps : They are characterized by conveniently fastening the elements by means of a strong magnet. Easy to install, they are rust resistant so they won't wear out. Ideal accessory for all kinds of crafts, bags, jackets ...
  • Snaps : Snaps replace buttons on clothing and accessories. It is one of the most used for its easy handling and resistance.
  • Tupis brooches : They are metal clasps made up of two pieces, which are hooked one to the other, remaining attached and closing the bag and wallet. They can be keyed or with a "button", depending on the needs.
  • Turnstile Brooches : Also composed of two parts, these are screwed to the fabric or leather of the bag. Its operation is simple, you just have to turn the turnstile so that the piece is fastened and cannot escape

At Fashion Metal ACC we use high quality materials with tests on the mechanisms to guarantee correct use and long-term guarantee. The material used for all the clasps is Zamak and the magnet clasps are rectangular or round neodymium, with different sizes and thicknesses.

Our high-quality professional finishes with specialized machines guarantee that the results are optimal and ideal for a realistic, professional and long-lasting finish. We have available the following finishes for the different brooches:

  • Nickel finish
  • Matte Nickel Finish
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Gold Finish
  • Old gold finish
  • Old Silver Finish

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